I want to thank you for your efforts in the sale of the Springbrook property. Your knowledge and expertise of the greater Santa Barbara real estate market were instrumental in selling the property within days of listing.

Carl D.

If you are reading this testimonial, I will tell you that you are already in good hands. Ruscha was referred to me by one of Santa Barbara’s most respected attorneys. Ruscha went above and beyond the responsibilities of a real estate agent. She is honest, ethical, and understands the emotions that a Buyer or Seller experiences.

May S.

Your knowledge, dedication, and, perhaps most notably, your perseverance, were instrumental in having our offer accepted.

Patrick M.

I can honestly say this is the first time I have written a note to a manager about an agent I have worked with. It has been such a pleasure to work with someone who is efficient, thorough, and caring. Ruscha has not only represented her client in an excellent and professional manner but has also considered me, the seller.

Carolynn L. Sotheby’s Agent/Seller

 I liked how you were upfront, clear, and direct in your communications with me as well as how I saw you work with the other real estate agent and inspectors. Your professionalism was inspiring… beyond excellent communication and keeping us on course, you brought your whole self! I was delighted with your warmth, genuineness, trustworthiness, boldness, confidence, charm, strength, and your caring nature.  I was fortunate to work with you!

Rad S.

We are so happy to recommend you as a Realtor to our friends and your potential future clients. You kept up updated regularly with what had come on the market. You listened carefully to our criteria, and you helped us to expand our choices. You negotiated well, always keeping our interests and needs in mind. You were a very effective advocate on our behalf in every piece of the deal. 

Evan G.

My seller and I, along with Ruscha’s buyer, all appreciated her hard work in holding the escrow together and getting it closed. It is a joy to work with a Realtor who works effectively to find a successful solution to challenges.

Sue I/Seller’s Agent, Berkshire Hathaway

Ruscha is smart, ethical, kind, and all-around a pleasure to know. We cannot say enough about her as a person and her ability as an agent. Ruscha did everything she could to get the sale completed - from constant emails and phone calls to babysitting my four-year-old so we could sign papers!

Vida M.

Thank goodness Ruscha was my agent. Ruscha helped me look at all the homes in the area, even several that were not listed but she knew were for sale. Great service, but that was just the beginning. From the inspectors to the geologist, to even the roofer, when it became an issue, she handled it all and was there with me at every visit to the house. Now I am so grateful for all her planning, patience, and great organizational help. 

Steve G.

I am writing to provide my highest recommendation for the realty services of Ruscha Berger Robbins. I have been an entrepreneur in many industries throughout my career and have purchased 9 (nine) different properties as personal homes and/or investment properties. I have worked with several realtors over the years and I sincerely believe Ruscha’s performance, communications, and attention to detail are the best in the business.

Jacques H.

We interviewed quite a few realtors in the area and decided to work with you, based entirely on the ethical and polished manner in which you presented yourself as well as your philosophical approach to negotiation and client support. I especially appreciate your commitment to open communication; to providing thorough information on a daily basis, and to assuming full responsibility for dealing with every aspect of the transaction, from the first step to the final minutes when the keys were delivered to our buyers. We want you to know that we will recommend you to others without hesitation - and with enthusiasm.

Janet K and Peter G

Ruscha most recently represented us in escrow on a beachfront property in Montecito. She is knowledgeable and organized, always available when we call or need to meet; we feel she is an asset to us as our representative in real estate. She is ethical, honest, clear, and dependable, she had conducted her business with us with complete confidentiality, which is something we value greatly. We have no hesitation in recommending her to you wholeheartedly. 


Ruscha BergerRobbins




Santa Barbara, CA


DRE# 01441612


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